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Löwenherz in Dürnstein

Ein Weg durchs Mittelalter


Welcome to history!

He was more than just a legend: Richard the Lionheart (1157–1199) was King of England and a heroic crusader, a noble knight with a lion’s courage – and the most famous prisoner of the Middle Ages. And he was the one who both inspired the mythical troubadour Blondel to embark on a hazardous quest for his master and, indirectly, gave rise to the legend of Robin Hood.

The theme trail leading around the ruins of Dürnstein Castle not only lets you experience history: here you can also take in some of the richest natural and cultural panoramas that the Wachau region has to offer, including fascinating rock formations and the region’s most prominent historical sites (such as the town of Dürnstein and Göttweig Abbey), as well as the scenery of the Danube Valley. The trail also provides spots that invite you to relax and let your thoughts wander; these points are marked with symbols for the senses. At these special points you can savour the beauty of the trail with all five senses.